Monday, January 7, 2008


The ticking of my clock is the only noise I hear.
Is this all there is to my life?
Deceptions, confessions, corrections...
Now I hear pitters.. patters, patterns swirling
through like they always do. Momentum of
the heart still churning, yearning for some kind
actions by a human soul to shed some feelings to fill
the hole, a hole not deep but needs some completion.
It comes back to this, it always does. You care
or you don't, but don't lie to the face that's always
been honest to you. Don't lie, don't feed it bullshit
like you do with the rest of the world. Be true, it's you.
Come on, now do. Don't think it through.
Pick up your life and find anew. You always knew
you'd find a view.
You care or you don't, but don't lie to you.

to me...from me

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