Thursday, January 17, 2008

On a dead body....literally.

Coagulated love

I am so very alone here tonight.
Must suppress any unnatural urge.
My morbid curiosity, a blight.
Tired of work, my guilt begins to purge.

Finished my work with anticipation.
In the freezer lies my object of pain,
and yet it brings me such adoration.
A trip to hell on a one way train.

My morals go right out the window.
I deserve this minute fidelity.
Cold to the touch...I reap what I sow.
This for certain is a delicacy,
And what's best is she can't even say no.

Her silky clumped hair and twisted smile.
Brings me an endless joy from the unlife.
I feel like i've brought this girl down the aisle.
Her tenderness reminds me of my wife.

My pleasure finally comes to an end.
Object 3201, a real pleaser.
A real live woman could never contend.
She's a little warm, back into the freezer.

At my awful house where I am alone,
anger seething.
My wife is asleep, an unworthy clone,
just a teasing.
In our garden I grab a heavy stone,
my heart's grieving.
You see my wife, I do not life her tone,
She's still breathing.

-Your Buddy