Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poetry from outside the class

I just wanted to get your opinions on these... these are poems I've been having fun with outside of class.

R. and J.

In a town called Verona two households feud.
Not long into the fight the Prince did intrude,
“If anyone else decides blood should be shed,
Then he is awaiting his own deathbed!”

Later that night, a party, Romeo goes to.
He met Juliet and they said, “I love you.”
The next day the two became one.
And Mercutio and Tybalt were over…done.

Plans to marry Paris were all set.
But her parents did not know her little secret.
Since Romeo killed Tybalt he had to leave.
All Juliet did was grieve, grieve, grieve!

Tuesday morn Juliet goes to Friar Laurence.
She thought he could get her out of the non-sense.
He gave her a sleeping potion to take at night,
And she’d look so dead it’d give the nurse a fright.

The next morning Juliet was found “dead”.
Poor ‘ol Paris would not get wed.
Romeo came as soon as he could,
But he killed himself for he misunderstood.

Juliet wakes up a second later,
And in walks Friar, the instigator.
He asks her to come with him,
But instead she did herself in.

Lost Love

I drank your poison of love one day

And fell into a deep trance of ecstasy.

You made me feel like I was on a cloud;

To be your girlfriend, I was so proud.

They pumped my stomach; our love is at loss

My emotions feel like a game of toss.

To see that light, how the glitter fades;

It seems our relationship went down cascades.

But you wanted too much, my whole heart

When all I could give you was just a part.

I feel like this next poem was inspired by another poem.. but I don't know what it was... it was so long ago.

Nothing good to listen to

An American Idol, thats who I look for

In the poop section of my local record store

Ruben or Clay, oh which should I pick?

Its like choosing which puddle of vomit to lick

When I want something even more fruity and fake

I look up 'N' for N'Sync or 'T' for Timberlake.

So many skills Justins making a buck at

Does he rap? Does he sing?

He doesn't know what to suck at.

This is my favorite:


What is litmus?

Why, it is me.

I am nothing but bland,


Malcontents are thrown my way

And I react like fire.

Subsidence eventually occurs

Within my citric soul.

And I become blue.

Please tell me what you think! I have more to come...


Margaret said...

So I wish I could go back and edit that post because I have a lot of typos. I meant to type "to" not 2 in one of the poems (that's aim lingo). And the last sentence "I have LIKE??? more to come..." I sound like a cheerleader! Sorry about that!

Buddy said...

These are all really good. My favs are R.J. It is really interesting reader's digest version that i can see being taught alongside the play. It sums it up very nicely.

"I drank your poison of love..." is a really awesome line. Love fades just like life after poison is taken.

i love science so litmus is really fun for me, but when i read it over and over it gets much less sciencey and more about a double meaning.

You can edit things by clicking the pencil from the main page or edit right underneath the post (i think).

Margaret said...

cool thanks

Margaret said...

Ok I figured out how to edit the posts... it looks better now.