Monday, November 5, 2007

Response Poem

Hey yall.

I did a response poem also. Here is the poem I responded to (you will hear my poem tomorrow in class hopefully):

Fat is not a Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen

I am thinking of a fairy tale,
Cinder Elephant,
Sleeping Tubby,
Snow Weight,
where the princess is not
anorexic, wasp-waisted;
flinging herself down the stairs.

I am thinking of a fairy tale,
Hansel and Great,
Bounty and the Beast,
where the beauty
has a pillowed breast,
and fingers plump as sausage.

I am thinking of a fairy tale
that is not yet written,
for a teller not yet born,
for a listerner not yet conceived,
for a world not yet won,
where everything round is good:
the sun, wheels, cookies, and the princess.

sooooo... hopefully you will hear the response tomorrow. My response poem title is " To win, be Thin"


Dr. Robbins said...

I'm concerned that the poem that you are responding to is itself a response poem, thus making your poem derivative of a derivative text. I look forward to see if you have overcome this concern -- perhaps your poem will stand on its own -- but the point of the exercise is to grapple with a work that is part of the poetic canon; while fairy tales are part of the canon, the poem you have chosen to respond to is not.

Margaret said...

Well, I'm kind of confused now. But, I guess I will ask what you mean in class today.

Dr. Robbins said...

Hi Margaret -- I think you probably see what I mean now: your poem and this one are standing side by side looking in the same direction but you don't really respond to the first poem. Still, your poem is solid.