Sunday, November 4, 2007

Teddy Bear (Blazon)

Your big round eyes

With a pair of big fluffy ears,

Your cute soft palms

And the puffy tummy.

All these cuteness of you,

Comfort me through sadness,

Walk me through loneliness,

How is it ever possible to give you up?

When I want to tell a secret,

You sit there still,

Looking at me straight.

When I want to sing a song,

You sit there still,

Listening to me sing.

I know you are nothing but a bear,

A toy bear who shares feelings with me.

Mom said a toy can never live,

But deep in my heart,

I believe


You are always my best friend.

1 comment:

Ian said...

nice candy
i like the fact that it is a positive blazon...most of the ones we saw were negative. It's cute and full of good imagery. You have a bunch of good internal and short-lived mini rhyme schemes which gives the poem a quirky improvisatory character. I especially like the repetition "you sit there still"
there are a few lines and words that maybe could be slightly edited to preserve the flow and meaning (ex: lines 5-6)